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For Computer

1. Download iVMS-4200 From Website

From Phone:

For Window Phone / Black Berry / Android / iPhone:

1. Download Program iVMS-4500 From Playstore / APP Store etc.

2. Setting: "" Button From Top Left and Than Click on "Devices" than click on "" than click on "Manual Adding" than Please fill the form is as under

-Aisa: Orient Embroiderers.
-Register Made: IP/Domain
Address: Orient.webhop.net

Port: 8000
User name: (Please ask us by Email / Phone / WhatsApp "0092-333-8641421")
Password: (Please ask us by Email / Phone / WhatsApp "0092-333-8641421")

Than Click on "--" To Save Setting. Then Click "--"

Camera No: 24

Than Click on "Start Live view"

Or Visit our web site :- www.orientgp.net to see
live Factory Views.



We strated our export business in hand Embroiderers during the year with name of Orient Embroiderers Within short time , our business expanded manifold and we were compelled to divide specific design under another name Orient Embroiderers keep our quality and delivery intact.Now Orient Embroiderers is performing termendously side by side Orient Embroiderers.

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